Trisco Pearson of Force M.D.'s: Lyrics Like That Always Broaden People's Minds

Member, Force M.D.'s

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Force M.D.'s is a vocal group formed in 1981. Trisco Pearson later joined the group. They released a collection of R&B hits throughout the 1980s, and received overwhelming commercial success from the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis penned love song "Tender Love".

Yes this is Trisco from The Forece M.D.'s. I wanna welcome y'all to the "Trisco Show." Now the topic that I really want to talk about today is acceptance. A lot of times you have people thinking they can walk around with their little fly gear on, and you know all this and that just to be accepted. But I don't think that's really true. I think, you know, just be who you are, what you want to be... I think you'll be accepted 100% more so than you trying to run with the fads and do what the other people do. It's like back in '86 or '87, Force M.D.'s we did write a song called, "Love is a House" And that was on the number one Billboard Charts, and Michael Jackson was number one then we beat out Michael Jackson. And Michael Jackson couldn't come back and catch us up until two weeks, so they got mad about that. You know, Jackson family, 'cause I know Latoya, I know Michael, I knew all of them. You understand what I'm saying? But it's all good. 'Cause at end of the day, we used to mimic them. When we was growing up, you know what I'm saying, Me, Jessie, all we used to do Michael Jackson. Kickin' his leg ,"Heee hee hee," yeah, and stuff like that. So, "Love is a House," was a very powerful song for us. It brought attention for major labels, that's when we got signed to Warner Brothers and Reprise Records and stuff like that. Then Madonna tour, went overseas with that song and stuff like that. And that was amazing too because we went to Japan, Germany, and places like that. The people didn't speak our language, but they knew the words to the songs. So, "Love is a House" is definitely a strong song. And as far as the feedback that we really gotten, that's a lot of our peers, the people that we used to hang out with and roll with, they always say, "I made a baby off of that song." "That's why I bought my first house." "That's why I strive to be successful in life." So lyrics like that always broadens people's minds to know that they can do things on their own, and they can do it themself.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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