Dr. Hassan Tetteh: What Faith Is All About

Physician and Surgeon

Photo Credit: Shefik

Dr. Hassan Tetteh is a board-certified surgeon specializing in thoracic surgery, critical care, heart and lung transplantation, research and education. He is a member of the Washington Regional Transplant Community.

Hi, my name is Hassan Tetteh. I'm a physician and surgeon, and I'm gonna talk to you about faith. I first learned about faith when I was in Catholic school, elementary school. From kindergarten to eighth grade, I attended a small school that taught me a lot about faith. But it was not until leaving that and having the experience of life that I really learned in a mature way what faith was all about. Far removed from what we know as faith as a definition, I came to learn about faith, meaning an expectancy of things, a true belief that things were gonna work out in a good way, and having the gratitude before even knowing that good thing was going to happen, to be thankful for it. That's what really true faith has come to mean to me in my life. One of my experiences in life really taught me that lesson of having faith, and being thankful that things were gonna work out well, even though they were not, and was not clear indication, that that was going to be the case, in particular was when I deployed to Afghanistan. And in those times, many dangerous times, all rational parts of me seemed to think, and seemed to indicate that I wasn't gonna get home safely, but I had a faith, and I was grateful that I would be returned home safely to my family. That's what faith to me really means: having gratitude and knowing things will work out even when there's no indication and not even a clear sign that that would be the case.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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