Mr. Every Day: Life Is About Creating Peace

CEO, Past Life Entertainment

Photo Credit: Shefik

Mr. Every Day came into the world by way of a Cherokee Indian mother and a Bahamian father. At the age of three, Mr. Every Day toured with Stevie Wonder and his godfather Gil Scott-Heron, who was the first recording artist signed by Clive Davis.

My name is Mr. Every Day of Past Life Entertainment. CEO, producer, on air personality, mogul. Peace is a very strong word and that takes on many different dynamics and dualities. Peace, for me, represents a state of tranquility and harmony. And for me, creating that has been kind of a strong point for what I would deem as the levels of success that I've been able to attain in the business. What I try to do is I try to basically think from a karma standpoint, what is it that I would want back in my relationships, in my organization, in my business, in my friendships. And I try to do things that create states of being where everyone comes into a certain level of harmony. So, one of my main goals has been to try to produce things from a non-profit standpoint and not always from the aspect of making money. So, along with my partner, I created the Knowles Foundation and we produced, August 27th of 2016, an event called Peace Fest within the Albany/Upstate area. Our main reason for doing that was because over the last few years, there's been an increased level of violence and murders in the capital of New York. So, it was our goal to pretty much try to play our part and try to stop the violence that was going on. So, we created this event in an impoverished neighborhood, Swinburne Park in Albany, where they don't really get a lot of attention and the people don't really have a lot of resources. So, what we established was this big event where we bring food to the community, back to school supplies to the community, great artists and great speakers. And that was very important because it was about relaying a message to them. For the most part, when you're in an impoverished neighborhood, that the violence is prevalent, but not only that, it's the materialistic mentality that develops from that. People think typically with money, flash, cars, and really, it's fleeting when you come from that standpoint. So for us, it was about what can we do to make a change and what can we do to make a difference. So, we created this Peace Fest once 'cause we wanted to drill that, plant in their minds that how do I create peace. It was highly successful this year. We had a number of great turnout, over 500 people attended. And I felt afterwards, the community really appreciated it. I've received tremendous amount of emails and online media support for this event. I feel like it's resonating, not only just that day, but it's set a tone for what I feel is gonna do wonders for that, not only that community, but for everyone who's been able to witness it directly and indirectly. And I think for the people that didn't make it, they realized that they missed something monumental. So, peace, it's very important that we create that, and understand that life is about creating peace and harmony and unity.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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