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Ari Gold: Sex Is a Good Thing
Recording Artist

Journey by Ari Gold

August 26, 2016 Sex

Ari Gold regularly addressed being both Jewish and gay. He landed his first job as a professional singer by performing the lead role on the CBS Children's recording "Pot Belly Bear: Song and Stories". He also performed backing vocals for Diana Ross.

Tags: Recording Artist · LGBTQ+ · Sex Symbol · I Put It out There · Coffee Table Book · Exhibitionist · Something to Prove · Acceptance · Self-Expression · AIDS Crisis

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Trisco Pearson of Force M.D.'s: Lyrics Like That Always Broaden People's Minds
Member, Force M.D.'s

Journey by Trisco Pearson

August 21, 2016 Acceptance

Force M.D.'s is a vocal group formed in 1981. Trisco Pearson later joined the group. They released a collection of R&B hits throughout the 1980s, and received overwhelming commercial success from the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis penned love song "Tender Love".

Tags: Acceptance · Michael Jackson · Madonna · Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis · La Toya Jackson · Love Is a House · Mimic · Powerful Song · Japan · Germany

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Sonny Turner: The Important Thing Is to Be Identified for One's Ability
Former Lead Singer, The Platters

Journey by Sonny Turner

August 1, 2016 Identity

Sonny Turner is best known for replacing Tony Williams as lead singer of The Platters. The group had 40 charting singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including four no. 1 hits, and were, for a period of time, the most successful vocal group in the world.

Tags: The Platters · Importance · Ability · Acceptance · Lead Singer · Audience · Tony Williams · Hit Record · With This Ring · Beach Music

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