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Songs to Invoke Angels

Episode 21
Songs to Invoke Angels

You wake up most mornings, you go to sleep most nights. As you wander through the world, as you plot your life, step by step, perhaps you feel lost. A devastating illness can descend upon you, either slow or fast, hard or easy, and it can come with or without warning. You seek guidance, help, and wisdom.

You may pray. You may wish. You may question what to do next, what to do after that, or even just what to do in the immediate moments unveiled before you — anything to keep away the perceived uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and pain.

For this, there are angels. Some even call them guardians. Perhaps, I am one for you. But, whomever they may be, they are there when you need someone to lean on, and someone to keep you moving forward. You must not let yourself give in, to fall down and stay on the ground. You must not lose hope.

Angels can be born of whatever means satisfies the composition of your creed. Even from the enriched past of your own ancestry, angels are all around, if you make the effort and have the faith to search for them. An angel can be as simple as a swell of joyful emotion, the racing heartbeat arising from the touch of a loved one, or even a smattering of hope at the drifting of clouds away from the sun. An angel can be complex, as the series of events which fall in your life like dominos, until you discover what you had previously believed to be undiscoverable.

But, you must first believe, and then develop the language of such dialogue with angels.

Last Updated: July 7, 2021

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