Doreen Bazile: Rodents With Wings

Social Worker

Photo Credit: Shefik

Doreen Bazile is a social worker. She sees many different patients with distinct needs and issues, regarding spirituality and religion, family conflict, loss, grief, bereavement, and more.

Hello, my name is Doreen Bazile. I'm a social worker, and I've been a social worker for about 15 years now. And when I think about birds, I think of fear, and fear sets in, and I think it's, I've been traumatized as a child watching the Alfred Hitchcock, it was an old movie called "The Birds" and in the movie, the birds would attack people and gouge their eyes out with their claws, and they would peck them, and sometimes I had visions of that when I see birds, or if I'm the city, and I'm walking, and I see a bunch of pigeons. So, that's for me, it's fear, and I can't even walk by them in a pet store if there's birds, I can't even walk by where they're standing, where they are because it freaks me out. A lot of people love birds and think that they're graceful and they're beautiful, and the way they fly, but actually I think they're more of rodents with wings, in my opinion, and I just truly am not the person who thinks that they're beautiful and thinks that they're just a great animal out there. So I'm not a fan.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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