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Songs to Invoke Abuse

Episode 24
Songs to Invoke Abuse

We should all spend more time trying to help each other, rather than abuse one another. Surely, there are lessons to be learned in abuse: survival, endurance, forgiveness, and strength. Of course, none of these are reasons to inflict abuse, but instead reasons to instill hope.

For as long as we are human with imperfections, for as long as we have wants and desires, abuse will continue – but it can produce beauty and joy afterwards. When love turns dark, when its light diminishes into abuse, no one wins.

Perhaps you never felt the cold, hard, and humiliating touch of a violent hand, nor the clammy, needy, and aggressive force of an unwanted sexual advance. Yet, abuse still exists. As such, many suffer. So, they cry out, hoping someone will hear their despair and help them push past the abuse they forced to endure.

You can help. You can be a part of the solution which combats abuse. Do not neglect to see the signs. Do not let the abused go unheard.

Pay attention. Stand up. Be a champion against abuse.

Last Updated: July 7, 2021

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