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Songs to Invoke Happiness

Episode 3
Songs to Invoke Happiness

It is commonplace for us to seek the definition of our lives, to better understand the meaning of our destiny, and the depths of which fate baptizes us with.

It is that lack of understanding, or even the presence of misunderstanding, that steers our coping mechanisms into mechanical failure. Happiness is the perception of how you visualize yourself in the moment of reflection. It takes strength and courage to remain steadfast. It requires hope and faith to know that each moment is distinct from the last.

It is acceptable to frown when you need to, but you must smile to counter the weight. Otherwise, your thoughts may blind the reflection of your outlook.

Gandhi once said, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony."

There is no set path which guarantees happiness. There will be trials along the way, so learn to deflect them. There will be tribulations that prolong their stay, but don't digest them. Instead, feed yourself with self-empowerment.

You should always dare yourself to sing with resounding chorus. If you forget the words, I offer you the lyrics to my song.

On that note, the journey continues right here and everywhere.

Last Updated: January 3, 2022

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