Abe Fogle: Inner Peace Can Be Equated With Freedom

Drummer and Musical Director

Photo Credit: Shefik

Abe Fogle has been touring with various artists for more than 25 years. His heart-felt backbeat and "shake-your-body" groove have been heard and danced to all over the world with Rob Thomas, Alex Bugnon, Kelis, D'Angelo, Kool and the Gang, and Guy.

Hi, my name is Abe Fogle. I'm a musician, a producer, songwriter, arranger, musical director. In specific, I play drums. I've been a drummer for a number of artists over the course of years. Gerald Levert, D'Angelo, Chico DeBarge, Kool & The Gang, Faith Evans, GE Smith, Roger Waters, the list goes on and on, Rob Thomas, there's several. Beth Hart. There's several names, and I can go on for a while. But I was asked today to speak about peace. Peace is something that is near and dear to my heart because we're not just talking about peace around the world, I think everybody wants world peace. Everybody wants the wars to stop, the wars to end, and for people just to get along with one another, to be able to live, coexist peacefully. The peace that I describe here is more of an inner peace than anything because inner peace can be equated with freedom. Most people don't see the two in the same sentence, but I see them going hand in hand. When you have that level of peace, you are free from the naysayers, you are free from the naydoers, you are free from any negativity, any jealousy, any envy, anything that anybody has to say about you negatively. Peace gives you that state of mind to be able to withstand, endure, and, when times are hard, still manage to walk around with a smile on your face. Peace offers you a certain level of tranquility, inner tranquility, to where you can breathe a lot more easily, you won't tense up as quickly based on situations around you, circumstances that you think are insurmountable. Peace has a way of allowing you to breathe through these situations and get through these situations. I strive for peace in my life, not just for peace around the world, global peace, but I strive for the peace that allows me to sleep well at night. I strive for the peace that allows me to provide for my family and to keep my friends happy and to keep myself happy and healthy. Peace equals freedom.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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