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Songs to Invoke Society

Episode 11
Songs to Invoke Society

Our friends and neighbors, our enemies and haters, all of them together in one simple, neat little word. The good, the bad, the ugly, the rich, the poor, and everything in-between – society has them all.

Without the overarching structures we understand to be "society", our lives would still be that of rude beings, hiding from the world, as opposed to making our place within it.

Still, there is the question of what makes a society good, and what makes it bad? There isn't an easy answer for the question, no cut and dry aphorism to sum up what is now the core of human existence: our place within society. Nor should there be.

Society must be good and bad, like anything worth knowing, it must be full of challenges and hurdles, rewards and pitfalls, honors and dishonors. Otherwise, what is the point? We could simply abstain from society and go it alone, but society must first exist and be present for it to then absent. To leave society, one must first join it.

Last Updated: July 5, 2021

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