Sarah Dash: I Couldn't Walk on My Own for Almost 5 Years

Member, Labelle and Member, Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles

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Sarah Dash's first notable appearance was as a member of Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles. Dash has had a full career, moving from singer, to songwriter and session musician for famous bands that include Labelle, The Rolling Stones, and Keith Richards.

Hi, I'm Sarah Dash. And you may know me from the group LaBelle, but I'm a solo artist now and I've been singing solo for quite awhile. Yes, quite awhile I've been in the business. Let's talk about resilience. It is subject matter that is very close to me because I've had a time in my music career where I've had to stop performing, speaking, and making personal appearances, period. I had an accident that caused me to walk with apparatus. I couldn't walk on my own for almost five years. I couldn't sing a note without falling over. I couldn't walk without falling over. I had to rely on a spirit that I didn't know that was in me. I had an agent who told me he would no longer work with me, canceled my gigs, canceled my relationship with him. Record companies were far away from me. Promoters didn't wanna know. I walk in a room and I had a cane, when I did feel like going out. I walk in a room and some of my peers really laughed at me, because you know Sarah Dash was known with the 21 inch waist, and here she is now on steroids. And she's taken to wearing long leather western skirts with cowboy boots. And they just thought that was so funny. Well, I laughed back. Because I got to know who they were. You don't get that kind of knowledge of who is around you unless you have a faith based spirit. You don't wake up with it, it's something that you grow into. During that time, I had to deal with all kinds of issues. And I'm talking about a time that was new to me. So out of that period of my life I wrote a song called I'm Still Here. The words in that song start with been through so much in my life, every day a different fight. Been down the road of broken dreams. And they told me I was weak. Somehow I got back on my feet by overcoming, now listen to this, my fears. Because fear is what stops you from seeing your future. The next line goes I survived through the worst of times. But take a look at me now, because I'm still here. You see, you've got to have strength in you. When you don't know that you have strength. You gotta go somewhere to find it. And where I found it was in the spirit of God. Because I'm still here. I prayed and everything was alright, and I'm still here.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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