Amelia Moore: You Don't Maximize True Knowledge Until You Apply It

Actress and Journalist

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Amelia Moore (aka Ameliaismore) is an actress, producer, and journalist. She has been A&R Assistant at Atlantic Records, Director of A&R at Gee Street, and General Manager at Ruff Ryders Records, leaving as President at Ruff Ryders Lifestyle.

Hey there, I'm Amelia Moore, AKA Amelia is more, your host with the most. I'm a journalist, author, actor, you name it, former executive. I guess what enabled me to get all of these titles was my urge for knowledge. I love a challenge, and within that challenge comes the resources, like trying to find out, like what really makes this thing work? What's really necessary to make this thing successful? Whatever it is, and by asking that question, you're really seeking knowledge, and you know, knowledge is power, and when you seek it, you actually give yourself power, and some of the interesting bi-products of that seeking knowledge is you find truth. If you're honestly seeking true knowledge, you'll find truth, and the beautiful thing about that that I have learned over the years is two other really great bi-products: wisdom and understanding. And, when you have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, it's what I like to say cipher complete. But to me, I truly feel after seeking knowledge for so many years, you don't maximize true knowledge until you apply it, and that's where the responsibility of knowledge really comes into play. You can't give it to just anyone. It's like paying forward, but if you put it in the wrong hands, you've just been part of the massacre of others, but if you put it in the right hands, you've just been part of the truth-seeking, and truth-finding, and the knowledge of others. So, to me, the beauty of knowledge is being able to pass it on. So, if I've learned anything from my journey in life, it's that seek knowledge, it's so rewarding, and you kinda stand a little taller, and you speak a little clearer, and you avert certain things that you didn't do younger because you didn't just have that knowledge. That's pretty much what knowledge means to me.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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