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Benjamen Adams: Everybody Can Be the Best
Photographer and Stylist

Journey by Benjamen Adams

September 7, 2016 Vision

Benjamen Adams is a fashion photographer, actor, producer, and model. When he first arrived in Los Angeles, California, it was suggested that he try modeling. He later thought photography was interesting.

Tags: Fashion · Stylist · Goldie Hawn · Celebrity Look · Jennifer Lopez · Luxury Cars · Belief · Meat Packing District · Manhattan, New York · Modeling

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Charisse Arrington: I Don't Consider Things Anymore a Failure in My Life
Recording Artist and Brilliance Coach

Journey by Charisse Arrington

August 16, 2016 Vision

Charisse Arrington is a R&B singer who was signed to MCA Records in the 1990s. Her biggest success was with the single "Down With This" which peaked in the top twenty of the Billboard Dance singles chart and top five of the Billboard Dance breakout chart.

Tags: MCA Records · R&B · Billboard · Recording Artist · Brilliance Coach · Thomas Edison · Make Light · Electricity · Experiment · We Win

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