Ari Gold: Sex Is a Good Thing

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Photo Credit: Shefik

Ari Gold regularly addressed being both Jewish and gay. He landed his first job as a professional singer by performing the lead role on the CBS Children's recording "Pot Belly Bear: Song and Stories". He also performed backing vocals for Diana Ross.

This is Sir Ari Gold and I am part of One Gold Nation Under God. I get asked a lot, how does it feel to be a sex symbol? Most artists, if they are sex symbols or get asked that question, the response is usually some kind of like, "Oh, it's very flattering," or "Oh no, I'm not a sex symbol," da, da, da. I have to tell you something. I purposely constructed myself as a sex symbol. I did it. I put it out there into the world. I decided to put out a 96 page coffee table book of half naked pictures of myself. But I'll tell you why. It wasn't purely exhibitionist, which is not a bad thing either, but I had something to prove. I wanted to insist on gay men's sexuality. I didn't want to try to sort of whitewash and make palatable gay identity, so that we can be acceptable to straight people. Sexuality is a big part of, at least my gay identity, and I wanted to express that with no shame. There's been so much shame. I grew up with so much shame. The AIDS crisis created a whirlwind of shame. And I just thought it was important for me to say, "Here I am. "We can be sexy. "We can be whoever we wanna be, "as long as we do it responsibly." Sex is a good thing.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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