Tito Puente Jr.: You Have to Find Happiness in Being Grateful

Musician and Bandleader

Photo Credit: Shefik

Tito Puente Jr. is a bandleader. He is the son of legendary mambo musician Tito Puente and the brother of local New York City meteorologist Audrey Puente. Puente Jr. carries on his father's legacy.

Everybody, my name is Tito Puente Junior. I'm a musician, band leader and timbale player and I want to talk to you a little bit today about what it means to be happy. I can tell you honestly, I get a lot of joy from my job. Performing around the world and for millions of fans, people really love Latin music and love to dance, especially. And happiness I find through music. And I think that's what I wanted to speak a little bit and touch on. Finding your happiness. I found it through music and other people find it through other things, through their own work habits and jobs. And always look at your job as being of something that you have to be grateful for. And you have to find happiness in being grateful. I do all the time and I think when I spread joy and I spread happiness to others through my job and performing music and playing around the world and giving people that little moment of, "Hey, you know what? "It was a hard day today and I'm gonna go out and be "happy and enjoy myself in listening to this great "mambo music." I think that's the spreading of something that's very good for this world and something that people need to do a lot more. So if you're at your job and you're not too happy with it, find something in your job that you can be happy for. I think that the greatest thing would be probably when you get paid for your job. And when you get that, you get that happiness feeling in you and you feel proud and grateful and honored to be respected and be part of a team. And I think that's really something special that needs to be spread around the world. Happiness is something you can't buy; it has to come from within and I always encourage it and I always seem to find it in music. So if you're a musician or a music lover, I think you'll find happiness through lyrics and music and sounds and those are the things that find happiness within you too. Trust me, when you listen to good music, you will be happy.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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