Neal Bennington: Everyone Is Here for a Reason

Founder and Creative Director, Broadway Sings for Pride

Photo Credit: Shefik

Neal Bennington founded Broadway Sings for Pride, in response to tragic suicides within the LGBTQ+ community. The live concert series has received support from Carol Channing, Neil Patrick Harris, Bernadette Peters, Channing Tatum, and many others.

Hi, my name is Neil Bennington, Founder and Creative Director of Broadway Sings for Pride. And I'm here to talk about destiny. I truly believe that everyone is here for a reason and destiny can be a very philosophical question. And my take on it is really that, you know, whether or not you know it at a time or not that everybody is here for a reason and there's a reason why we all kind of are bound together and it really has to do with destiny. And I really do think that our purpose here on earth is really to better the environment, the community and really to better each other. And, you know, everybody has a purpose. And I figured I'd kind of share my story about what I think kind of my destiny is and again, too knowing my backstory is interesting because I'm probably, without a destiny, probably wouldn't be here and I grew up, I'm adopted so I was actually born in Columbia. I had never known my birth mother so she did not have enough food for me or her and she made decision, you know, the brave decision to give me up for adoption. So I came into a loving family when I was just eight months old in New Jersey and very different than myself. They adopted me when they were in their forties, older and Caucasian so very different and it was always interesting growing up because people would never know what to say when we were together, if they were relatives, that they were like nannies. They had no clue. So it was always though I was destined to be where I was at that point. Really there was a reason for me to be here. And I think part of it again too is that through faith and through other things, it's kind of just instilled in you to try to do something better for the community and, you know, growing up again too, that was kind of put into me that we're all here for a reason. We're all here again, to better our relationships. And again too, what's interesting about destiny is something that you do today can impact someone years, years in advance. And it really is all about the threads that we weave and what we do with our lives. So I truly believe that it's so important to go out and do something. Through my destiny I kind of thought I was destined for something greater and better so I have an organization that reaches out to the LGBT community and through working with celebrities, again which I never thought I would do, through working activists, we have concerts and we donate the money to worthy causes and our goal too is for people to take that and to really thrive and really to take it and create their own destiny and something positive.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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