Dan Stokes of Solo: Sex Is a Necessity

Member, Solo

Photo Credit: Shefik

Solo is a R&B musical group. The original members were Robert Anderson, Darnell Chavis, Eunique Mack, and Dan Stokes. The group recorded their gold-selling debut album in Minneapolis and released it in 1995, with production by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.

My name is Dan Stokes and I'm a member of the R&B group Solo. Sex. Sex is a necessity. At least for me it is. My body needs to be touched. I like being touched. I like touching. I think it's a natural event. I think it's something that should be embraced and not, you know, dampened and shunned. I definitely don't shun it. Sex is also something like, ooh, like air, like, you know, water. I think we need it. I think there's nothing more important for human beings than human contact. That can be conversation, but it can also be touching and sex and touching is definitely something that, you know, we all need. So I'm gonna go and have a little. Be right back.

Last Updated: March 25, 2022

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