Terry Derkach: How Important Breathing Is

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Terry Derkach's music production and writing credits include 3-time Grammy nominated, multi-platinum artist Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies), gospel vocalist Vernon Bush (Stevie Wonder, Nancy Wilson, Ray Charles), and Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley).

Hi, my name is Terry Derkach, and I am a music producer, song writer, multi-instrumentalist, recording mix engineer, basically wear a lot of hats. We're currently in my studio here in New York City and as I've done a number of interviews over the years, and performances, et cetera. It really comes to mind of how important breathing is. And how it can relieve nervousness, how for performers, singers, if you breathe, you won't lose breath and go flat at the end of your song, at the end of your lyric. And I'm finding just even right now as I'm sitting here, breathing relaxes you to the point of where you can slow down, and say what you want to say, and not be nervous. Before you go on stage, breathe. So breathing, I relate to it primarily from a performance standpoint, for both singers as well as performers going on stage, but also folks that are giving speeches, or have to get up in front of a group of people, which is often very, very nerve-wracking for individuals. If you would just slow down, take some nice, deep breaths, center yourself and breathe, you'll find that it'll be a far easier process for you to engage with the people you are speaking with. So, please, breathe.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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