Neddy Smith: The Bass and the Body Must Become One

Recording Artist

Photo Credit: Shefik

Neddy Smith is a professional musician and CEO at NedGJean International. He composes and writes his music, not only in a traditional style, but also by incorporating his vast international experiences. This is apparent in each of his releases.

My name is Ned Smith, composer, producer and bassist. As a bassist there's something unique about relationship between the bass and the body, the bass and the body must become one. In order for the bass and one's body to become one is to feel and breathe with each vibration of the string. As the string vibrates, there is a melodic vibration as well as a rhythmic vibration in tuning and being tuned to the base is to feel every nuance of the, the tonic expression that one is playing that instrument with. For example, when I tune the string, I have to feel the note, I have to understand by hearing the note, how that note breathes, how long or how short, how sharp or how flat. So breathing with the instrument makes you become a one person with that one instrument, with it's dynamics, the dynamics being the vibration of the string, the vibration of your body and the way you breathe the feel how the instrument feels with you as one.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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