Angelo Ellerbee: I Remember Very, Very Vividly in My Mind the Passing of My Mother

President and CEO, Double XXposure

Photo Credit: Shefik

Double XXposure is a full service public relations and artist development firm founded by Angelo Ellerbee. He has worked with a wide array of clientele, ranging from Michael Jackson to Lionel Richie, Mary J. Blige, and DMX (whom he also managed).

Angelo Ellerbee, President and CEO of Double XXposure Media. I guess I really want to talk to you all about death, believe it or not. I just went through the passing of my mother two years ago. And I just want to bring you into why I'm still getting over the pain and the loss of my mother because she was my anchor, my strength, my salvation, my doctor, my lawyer. She was everything for me. I gave it to my mother freely because she gave it to me and my brothers and sisters freely. She had a degree and knowledge and experience that she provided me with each and every single day of my life. I am and will always be romantically in love with my mother. I've fought many battles and I fought many fights because she gave me the tools to fight those battles and fights. She gave me all of what I needed in order to be great. She told me at five years old, six years old, that I was great. And she said I want you to go and be greater and be the greatest that you can possibly be. So some 50-something-odd years later, I'm still feeling and knowing there's a greatness that lies in me. And I remember very, very vividly in my mind the passing of my mother before she went to go to transcend to God. I stood over her and I said mama if you think for one second that I was great while you were with me I'm gonna be greater and I'm gonna be greater and greater because you're great. You're everything. My mom is, was everything to me. She was in my life. She was my strength and my anchor. And I'm just saying to everyone that is watching if you have a mother, if you have someone that you love, don't wait to their gone. Tell them that you love them today. Wake up in the morning and go and tell your wife, tell your children, tell your loved ones the importance of being in love with them and that you appreciate them and that you value them and every contribution that they make. This is the time that we must begin to share what it is that makes us click. And every human being, no matter who you may be, no matter your mean side, your ugly side, you have a human, you have a human thought that you can relate to love. And it's okay if you tell someone that I love you and that I thank you.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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