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Songs to Invoke Love 3

Episode 33
Songs to Invoke Love 3

Some people spend a great deal of time dreaming about what they will do, when they find love. However you approach love, whatever the dreams, goals, or hopes of which encircles your desires, everyone falls in love at some point.

Perhaps you wonder about falling in love. Perhaps you yearn to feel the rush and whorl of emotion that comes from falling into such love. Or, perhaps you may just want to enjoy that most numinous pleasure which comes from falling into something people have yet to truly quantify: love.

The key to falling in love is willingness. Ships can pass in the night, all too easily, if there is only quiet, dark, and blind purpose. If you want to fall in love, and to feel that sublime ache of knowing there is a person whose very existence alone makes yours all the more glorious, then you must be willing.

Falling in love is nothing like any other act of falling. It can last forever, or it can be simply be over within a day. It can end suddenly, or stretch over a lifetime, while slowly whittling away. But, no matter whether it lasts 100 years, or 10 days, or 1 minute, or even a fraction of a second, falling in love is always worth the effort to be willing.

When you have fallen in love, it can be daunting to imagine what comes next. You may wonder what is required of being in love, how to act while in love, or how to stay in love. These are legitimate questions of wonderment. Thus, being in love requires some understandings.

Firstly, do not lose sight of love. Always remember that being in love is meant to be joyous and trying. Most easily found things in life are hardly worth keeping, a truism which rings true across too many lives to be denied. Being in love should not be easy. It should be an effort, but also a joy, a passion, and a frustration. The results are worth the work.

Secondly, do not neglect yourself. To give love, you must have love. You have fallen in love, and now you must manage being in love. This may lead you to think that you must focus entirely on the person whom you love, but ask yourself if you would still love this person if they focused entirely on you, and in the process neglected everything about themselves. That is not love. Love yourself, and let that love be the start of how you love others.

Thirdly, hold on loosely. Love is an experience of life, not one which can be defined, corralled, or contained. Love must be allowed to chart its course, to flow as intended. All the beauty of being in love is predicated upon presence and openness — in the same willingness required to fall in love. There is love in the world, waiting for you. All you need to do is let yourself fall. And, once you fall, never lose sight of what it means to be the embodiment of love itself.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.

Last Updated: July 8, 2021

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