M.C. El Bee: Knowledge Needs to Be Reconstructed in Its Original Intent

Recording Artist and Author, "A Gangsta'z Tale Hip-Hop in Da '70s: Invisible Legends of Hip-Hop"

Photo Credit: Shefik

Author Larry Boatright, also known as M.C. El Bee in the hip-hop community, talks about the birth and propagation of hip-hop in the 1970s and 1980s in his biography "A Gangsta'z Tale Hip-Hop in Da '70s: Invisible Legends of Hip-Hop".

Hi, I'm the legendary M.C. El Bee, one of the first break dancers in the history of hip hop, one of the first street rappers in the history of hip hop. Also the acclaimed author of the book A Gangsta'z Tale Hip Hop in Da '70s, and today, we're talking on the topic of knowledge, and my perspective is that knowledge needs to be reconstructed in its original intent. I believe that we have gone off the track of original knowledge, and I believe that which it needs to be, again, reconstructed. Speaking about knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, I believe that the original intent of it was knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, and that you are to obtain the knowledge, and then you are to understand that knowledge before you display it, which is the wise way of getting the productive outcome regarding your knowledge, and also in implementing that in the educational system, as well as economic system, and as well as all areas of society, I think that it would begin to bring people back to more truth. I think we do a lot of semantics in our articulations and in a lot of things in which we do, you know, we leave a lot of gray areas to that. I think that we should bring it back to dealing in truth, and I think that is one of the first steps in order to re-institute sound knowledge and that's my perspective.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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