Kevin Smith Kirkwood: Some of My Favorite Christmas Memories

Actor, "Kinky Boots" on Broadway

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Kevin Smith Kirkwood is an actor, known for "Condemned" (2015) and the 71st Annual Tony Awards (2017). He currently stars in the musical "Kinky Boots" on Broadway, and he was also an understudy in "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" on Broadway.

Hello, I'm Kevin Smith Kirkwood. Performer, actor, singer, dancer, writer, currently starring in the hit Broadway musical Kinky Boots, also I do a solo show called Classic Whitney Alive that's played to Joe's Pub and all around the world and will be coming to Off-Broadway very soon and Merry Christmas Some of my favorite Christmas memories were growing up and wishing that my mom would get me my favorite toy or my favorite book or puzzle, because I was actually a smart, nerdy kid. But we didn't have a chimney, we didn't really believe in Santa Claus, because we lived in a small three bedroom apartment and there weren't a lot of places for my mom to hide a bunch of gifts. So she would actually just put all of our gifts in one big brown box and tape it shut and hide it in her room and then she'd put it under the Christmas tree in the middle of the night on Christmas eve and we'd get up in the morning, come down in our underwear, have a bowl of cereal and then just go at it in the box and she'd say; that's yours, that's yours and that's yours. But I also think about some of the amazing holiday music that the one and only Whitney Houston recorded and put into the world, especially the song One Wish for Christmas on the holiday album, One Wish: The Holiday Album. One Wish for Christmas was written by Gordon Chambers, Barry Eastman and the one and only Freddy Jackson. Yes, we love Freddy Jackson. And I love the message of the song, because I think it's so true, as you get older, your wishes for Christmas and the holiday season change. You start to realize and focus on things that are more important than toys and gifts and the song has the sentiment that, at the holidays, we really, really need to come together and spread love, joy and peace and I think that is a beautiful, beautiful message to be sending out into the world, especially in times like these. Merry Christmas.

Last Updated: September 26, 2021

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