Matthew Decker: We Go Through Things in Life That We Really Can't Control

Recording Artist

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Matthew Decker is a recording artist from New York. He started his own label Matteo Mafia Records in 2012. His music is very different from today's popular music, with a vintage 1960s style aesthetic, combined with modern day pop, hip-hop, and trap.

Hi, my name is Matthew Decker. I'm a singer from Round Lake, New York. Everybody needs a friend to depend on. I mean, I do. I know lots of other people do. And we go through things in life that we really can't control. Sometimes we're just curious. Sometimes we're just doing something on spur of the moment. When we as friends start to hurt each other, it really takes a toll on yourself, and your life, and everything that you do, your choices, your actions. I think that as friends we should all be there to support each other not bring each other down, and make sure that we push each other in the right direction.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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