Freddie Jackson: Once I Love You for Just One Night

2-Time Grammy Award Nominee

Photo Credit: Shefik

Freddie Jackson is an American soul singer. Among his well-known hits are "Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)", "Have You Ever Loved Somebody", "Jam Tonight", "Do Me Again", and "You Are My Lady".

Hello, my name is Freddie Jackson, R&B love song singer, crooner. That's a big title, crooner. Johnny Mathis was a crooner. Nat King Cole was a crooner. Freddie Jackson is a crooner. But right now, I am really excited. I'm excited. I'm gonna let you in on this excitement. I've got a new single out, it's called One Night. Just one. Alright, we can, might get two. But this is almost like an answer to Rock Me Tonight. It's just for old time's sake, don't get comfortable. One Night is simply saying, "Give me one night. I'll prove to you that I am your lover. I can be your lover. Just give me one night and I'll make you a believer. Don't bring a toothbrush. It's just one night." But it's simply, I saw... I was in an old watering hole in Gaston, Alabama. My family is from Alabama. I went down for a reunion and they took me to a juke joint, as Miss Chaka Khan would call 'em. Took me to a juke joint, and they didn't even have any windows. I'm like, "Where are we going?" And once in, there was a guy and he was at the jukebox and he was hanging over that jukebox like he was a, like he was at the altar. And he had his money, and he was playing all his favorite songs. Zoom, Lionel Richie, Ow Babe. And he found out that I was Freddie Jackson. So he came over, he said, "You're Freddie Jackson?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "You ain't no Freddie Jackson. You're too skinny to be Freddie Jackson. Freddie Jackson's fat." I said, "Well, the other one was, but this one is more refined now." So, we laughed, and you know, he was getting his drink on, his moonshine. And he said, "You know what you need, Freddie Jackson? You need another jukebox song." And I laughed. But before I left, I said, "You know what, mister? I'm gonna record you a jukebox song." And so when I got with Barry Eastman and to do this album, I said, "I need a jukebox record." He said, "What're you talking about?" I said, "I want a song that sounds like somebody's standing over the jukebox and they're hurting. They're like, that's my song. And they just keep playing it." And so Barry's like, "Give me a little while." And so he says, "I think I got what you need." And so I went back up to Terrytown, where he lives. And he says, "Listen to this." And when it came on, it just felt like Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, all those guys. It just, I saw all of those guys. Joe Austin, one of my all-time favorite singers. The licks and stuff like that. I said, "That's the jukebox song. That's the answer to Rock Me Tonight." And to me, One Night is simply what it is. Got two verses, a bridge, a melody, and an out, which is not happening in songs today. Now songs are just A-B. I think that that's the reason why they're not memorable. That's why a lot of artists are no longer memorable, because their songs are no longer complete packages. So on this album, I wanted to have songs that were complete and that would touch you and give you something to remember. I think once you listen and you hear One Night, you will say, "I wanna hear that again." Or, "I have experienced the one night story." One night, that's all I want. That's all I need. Give it to me. It'll feel like New Year's Eve. Just all kind of things dropping and just exploding all over everywhere once I love you with just one night.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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