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Songs to Invoke Identity

Episode 4
Songs to Invoke Identity

As you conceive the perception of yourself, it is vital to breed your inner strength. The journey of life is highly complex, with its intricate paths to self-discovery and its meticulous roads to consequence.

Your definition is factored by the content of your character, the comprehension of your mindset, and the composition of your composure. It may seem easier at times to wear masks. However, you will never set your mind at ease, if you cloud your reign with disease.

Don't suffocate yourself. You are who you are, when you embrace the realization of who you are. I dare you to be someone else other than me. I need to you be someone else I can see.

As you gaze upon your reflection in the mirror, don't let blindness shatter your dreams like glass. Remain steady in the quest to be the better part of yourself. Lift yourself into wholesomeness, and never falter in your identity. Believe in yourself, and believe in others. If necessary, be your own role model, and draw upon your own influence to outline the blueprints.

Be a security blanket of light amongst a quilt of shadows. Stitch the fabric of your life with the threads that won't tie you in noose, but rather will set you loose.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.

Last Updated: January 3, 2022

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