Dan Vitale: The Intellectual Part of Me That Wants to Fight Everything

Cast Member, "Saturday Night Live" (1985 - 1986)

Dan Vitale is an actor and comedian, best known for being a cast member during season 11 of "Saturday Night Live" (first episode: November 23, 1985, final episode: February 8, 1986).

I'm Dan Vitale, I'm an actor and a stand up comedian. Think about the word love. You know for years you hear that word. I remember, the intellectual part of me that wants to fight everything, oh, that's just some concept invented by you know, poets or people who wanna write movies. What is really love, you know? We have dependence, we have all sorts of things that are confused as love. And I don't know why, I was just thinking about this, just thinking about my dad, he died about the same age that I am now. Maybe that's why I was thinking about him a lot lately. And I remember when I was like five years old. And we were crawling around the rug, in our house in Flushing, Queens. And there must have been a broken sewing needle in the rug. And I got this needle in my knee. And it went under the skin. My parents took me to the emergency room. And the doctor said, "We gotta cut it out. "The thing is, we can't put you out, "because we can't take the chance of that "getting into your blood stream, and going to your heart." So they put me on a table, and the guy said, "This is gonna hurt, "you scream as loud as you need to scream." And I remember my father, he wasn't a real religious guy, but he had some Saint Francis medal. And he just looked at me and he put that in his hand, and told me to put my hand in his, and hold the medal. And he just held my hand and he said, "Scream kid, you scream." And that guy cut me, and it hurt, and I did scream. But I remember feeling my father's hand, and the strength. When I looked back I realized that was love. And I've never forgotten that. And I think in a lot of times in my life, when I've been like, at a loss, I think wow. That love, that strength, that might just be the thing that got me through. And I never forgot it.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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