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Doreen Bazile: Without Change, Life Would Be Boring
Social Worker

Journey by Doreen Bazile

August 20, 2016 Change

Doreen Bazile is a social worker. She sees many different patients with distinct needs and issues, regarding spirituality and religion, family conflict, loss, grief, bereavement, and more.

Tags: Social Worker · Boring · Positive · Marriage · Celebrate · Hype · Expectations · Embrace Change · Realization · Change of Seasons

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Dan Bazile: There's a Reason That Rain Is Here
Television Newscaster

Journey by Dan Bazile

August 8, 2016 Rain

In March 2004, Dan Bazile joined the news team at WNYT (a television affiliate of NBC), where he anchors "Weekend Today". Prior to that, he spent several years as an actor and freelance writer before jumping into television news in 1999.

Tags: Reasoning · Rain · Newscaster · Albany, New York · Positive · Negative · Sadness · Water · Cleansing · Mother Nature

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