Dan Bazile: There's a Reason That Rain Is Here

Television Newscaster

Photo Credit: Shefik

In March 2004, Dan Bazile joined the news team at WNYT (a television affiliate of NBC), where he anchors "Weekend Today". Prior to that, he spent several years as an actor and freelance writer before jumping into television news in 1999.

Hi, my name's Dan Bazile. I've been a television newscaster for the past 17 years. And our topic is rain. And I look at rain two different ways. The way I think everybody looks at rain two different ways, a positive and a negative. First, a negative. Looking at rain negatively is very easy 'cause, you know, it's a cloudy day, a lot of songs about rain and sadness, and how it brings, you know, devastation a lot of water sometimes wash away road, so rain can be very negative to a lot of people especially when it's cloudy, it makes people sad, and it's dark, so people tend to associate rain with the negativity. Now, the way I look at rain is, most of the time I try to be on the positive side. Don't get me wrong, I look at the negative as well especially when I have to work in it. But, I look at it positively alot at well. Here, why. Rain is good. It's good for nature, it's Mother Nature's way of balancing things out, right. Rain, cleans things out. It's cleansing. It cleans out the roads, it cleans out everything and it makes things grow as well. So, when you look at Mother Nature, there's a reason that rain is here. And the way that I'd rather look at it is, it cleanse my soul, as opposed to looking at it as a negative.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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