William Goldstein: "Fame" Turned out to Be an Extraordinarily Special Experience

3-Time Emmy Award Nominee and Grammy Award Nominee

Photo Credit: Shefik

William Goldstein was previously a recording artist for Motown Records and CBS Masterworks. He has over 50 albums currently available. He has also scored over 50 movie and television projects, including NBC's "Fame" and Disney's "The Miracle Worker".

My name is William Goldstein. I'm a Emmy nominated and Grammy nominated composer, producer, recording artist, I've been an artist on Motown, CBS Masterworks, I'm distributing over 50 albums through The Orchard worldwide today, and movies, et cetera. One of the movies I've done, was turned into an incredible television series called Fame, for which I think I got two Emmy nominations, actually. And Fame turned out to be an extraordinarily special experience. First of all I wasn't interested in doing a television series, but it was Fame, so I decided I would do the first 10 shows, and then they could find somebody else. And after I did the first 10 shows, the producer said, well, would you hang around, do another show for us? And I did, and would you do another show for us? Well, it was such an incredible group of people, to work with including Debbie Allen of course, that I got hooked, and when I found out I could still do other things, I did 48 Fame shows. Now it's really interesting how life imitates art, and art imitates life. Fame is about a school for the arts, where young people went and tried to make their dreams happen. Well because I did Fame, I was asked to be a founding board member of the California State Summer School for the Arts, which is a summer program that started 30 years ago, for young talented high school students in all of the arts. And I ended up doing master classes at all of these various years with meeting many talented people and so many great people came from the program, James Franco, a gentleman named Bobby Podesta who worked for Pixar, and developed many animated features. So it's very interesting. The school's a very special place, and the Fame set was a very special place, and one of my favorite moments in all of those 48 shows, was a song called A special Place, which Debbie Allen sang alone, in one of the dance rooms, and my goodness gracious as I think about it right now I'm almost getting goosebumps.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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