Angela Adetola: Everyone Can Learn, as Long as They're Given the Right Tools

President of the Board of Directors, YWCA Yonkers

Photo Credit: Shefik

Angela Adetola is the President of the Board of Directors at YWCA Yonkers, located in Yonkers, New York. The members and supporters of YWCA Yonkers include women from many different faiths, ages, backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures.

Greetings, my name is Angela Andetola and I am the board president of the YWCA of Yonkers New York. Our goal in the Y is to eliminate racism and empower women. We are currently living through a pandemic where we see different things going on in the time that we live in. We see the disparities in education, we see the disparities in healthcare, and we see the disparities in just the daily living. And our goal is to help create solutions. One of my biggest focus points is education. And we ask ourselves, "How do you create a solution for education?" My thought processes education should be given to everyone regardless of where you live, what your zip code is and what neighborhood you live in and where you come from. Everyone can learn as long as they given the right tools. One of the things that we have done at the Y has been to help our people who need it here, our young people. If it means helping with the laptop to get it working so they can go to school online. Cause we know that there's this disparity and not everyone has the adequate technology that is needed. Listen, we have to do better as a community, as a country and an organization and stop discriminating with education, because education is what opens doors. So what does that mean? Money should not equate to equal education. unless you're putting money into the appropriate communities so that everyone can get that education. And it should be a God-given right, to be able to read, to write, to do mathematics, to do science and to understand technology. In other countries, education is on the top priority list and this is how children are taught. We need to do better and we need to do better as a country and as a people and treat everyone equally so that we all get the same level of education and we can use it to get to where we wanna be and go in the future. Anyone can be CEO, anyone can be president, anyone can be a doctor, anyone to be a lawyer, but we equally have to make sure that they get the right knowledge base from when they are young. So this is a possibility. Let's do better and educate each other.

Last Updated: November 7, 2021

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