Shanna Marie Wallace: Breathing Is the Best Meditation There Is

CEO, Mind Yard New York

Photo Credit: Shefik

Shanna Marie Wallace is a Spiritual Interfaith Minister, who inspires in her classes, workshops, and guest speaking appearances. Her passionate and purposeful work has been featured in The Bronx Times, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, and Tech Insider.

Hi, I am Shanna Marie Wallace, and I am the CEO of Mind Yard New York. Today I'm talking about breathing. Breathing is a beautiful thing. Breathing is my meditation. Before I get up in the morning and expose myself to other human beings, I always meditate. I tend to enjoy guided meditations more. But when I'm just meditating by myself with no video playing in the background, I just focus on my breath, and I would say breathing is the best meditation there is. In that moment, you're just listening. You're just focusing on the inflow and outflow of your breath. I mean, try it. There's very few occasions where we really get to be present in the now, in this moment. And when you focus on your breath, when I focus on my breath, I really just get to be present. The noise isn't there, stories aren't there, baggages aren't there, challenges can wait. People are around me, but none of what I think about them or what I think they think about me matters, and I'm just breathing. And I'm just bringing in life force energy, universal life force energy into my body, into my cells, into my tissues, into my organs, into my blood. And as long as I'm breathing, in that moment, and I'm listening to my breath, and I'm focusing on my breath, I'm okay and I have everything that I need, everything that I want in that moment. And that's my meditation.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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