Sipho Gumbo: A Revolution Is Defined as a Rapid Change in Events

Founder and President, Yangu Beauty

Photo Credit: Shefik

Sipho Gumbo, the creator of Yangu Beauty, sought out a leading expert in skincare chemistry to help transform her authentic recipes into a skincare line for today's modern woman. At last, a skincare collection addressing the needs of women of color.

My name is Sipho Gumbo and I am the found of Yangu Beauty, a cosmetic company for women of color. A revolution is defined a change, a rapid change in event, or in perception, or in a way things are happening. When I was growing up in the village one of the things I noticed were the differences that were going on. The way we looked at life, our usual ancient traditions were different from the city people and the rest of the world believed in. Before I know it I started seeing even the images that were being shown started to shift a little. And everybody seemed to be moving along and it was slipping away. I started to see that images that I was used to seeing, whether it be of women, a depiction of women's beauty, a depiction of fashion, style, and politics. So understanding of ideology it started to look different. I wondered that would there be a time when things would be as they were, the old traditions, the way the cultures were, and the way the beliefs, especially in womanhood and femininity, and the way we looked at ourselves. I found more and more that there was the other, the pictures were shifting, they were looking more like something else, not that which I had seen as I was growing up. I always felt that as things were changing they were not defining us anymore, it was a definition of others. And I started seeing that pictures that we're seeing whether it be in magazines or newspapers, the imagery was just shifting. I do hope the definitions that we can come up with, will change. And I do feel that we are starting a new revolution. A revolution that we, we are going to define ourselves, we will start to view the way we look at beauty, femininity, womanhood, in the same way our grandparents or ancestors looked at it. I strongly believe that there is something to be shown, something to be believed that Africa has to share with the world. I do think the traditions, the ancient beliefs, are all for necessity, and they are beautiful as they are. I do believe that there's an awakening, and I believe it's a new revolution. A new way of looking at ourselves. I do think that as we start looking at the past we will view ourselves differently, we look at ourselves in a new way. And that will be a revolution happening in our heads. But for a revolution to take place it has to happen in our heads first before it manifests outside. So the manifestation that I will hope we will see is the way we look at ourselves, the way we believe in ourselves, which will determine the way we buy, we sell, or even produce. Whatever we do will determine a new way but I do hope the new way will be the new revolution that will include the history, the traditions, and the cultures that I was stepped in.

Last Updated: September 26, 2021

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