Charisse Arrington: I Don't Consider Things Anymore a Failure in My Life

Recording Artist and Brilliance Coach

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Charisse Arrington is a R&B singer who was signed to MCA Records in the 1990s. Her biggest success was with the single "Down With This" which peaked in the top twenty of the Billboard Dance singles chart and top five of the Billboard Dance breakout chart.

Hi, I am Charisse Arrington, brilliance coach who takes hidden treasure of people, making them bedazzling, bold, brilliant, and bankable, as well as professional speaker and recording artist. I have a favorite thought and I'd like to share that with you, it's a thought that I have about Thomas Edison when he was asked by a reporter of sorts, if he ever became discouraged and/or wanted to give up when he would go into the lab and do his experiments and then could not make light, or electricity; more than 1000 times he failed at the attempt of making electricity, so when asked, he said, "No," he never felt discouraged or wanted to give up because for him the experiments showed him that that simply was not the way to make light, and I love that saying, "Make Light." When I think about aspects of my life from converging being a coach and a professional speaker with music. I think to myself, "I'm making light." Let's me know, that is, is that I don't consider things anymore a failure in my life. I look at as from a perspective that I feel Thomas Edison was giving us a view, a 30 foot thousand view to say that we could never lose, because there are really only two things. We'll either win or we will learn, in which case we win. So, as I go through my life and things that I do I say to myself, "Okay, I'm experimenting, I can never fail "and if I get the outcome I want I know that's the way "to make light, and if not, I know "that I need to keep going back into the lab "with myself and making light." So, as I have clients in my life, that's what I enjoy most helping them do and I think if anyone of us have gifts and we fail in that respect, not to make light, and not show up in people's lives, we never know. That could've been a person who had they met you or I might still be on the Earth today. So, it's important to me. So, make light. So, I wanna encourage each and everyone of you, you are not a failure, you're only having an experiment of outcomes, so make light.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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