Benjamen Adams: Everybody Can Be the Best

Photographer and Stylist

Photo Credit: Shefik

Benjamen Adams is a fashion photographer, actor, producer, and model. When he first arrived in Los Angeles, California, it was suggested that he try modeling. He later thought photography was interesting.

Benjamin Adams, fashion photographer, model, and philosopher. A lot of people say, "Why are you doing fashion photography? "Look kind of awkward. You look like a basketball player." I say, "Oh, because I'm six foot two. "I look like a basketball player. "What exactly does that mean?" I guess I would rap and sing too. But I got into fashion photography, 'cause I'm into fashion. I like the lifestyle, I like the look. And you know, if you would caption a photo, then you can get the vision of the people. What I mean the vision and with people, not every girl is drop dead gorgeous. Not every man is handsome, but if you give them a nice background drop, you can make them look like a million bucks, or a spectacular celebrity in Hollywood. What I mean is, I might see a girl. She might be five foot five, five foot six. She might be kinda, you know, highly, we'll say curvy. Don't have a typical model look. Don't even have a celebrity look. But if I put in some nice, you know, sexy lingerie, or I'll put it in a nice skirt, awesome, nice fashion for like our end client, and like the Meatpacking district in Manhattan, in front of a great view with like a 350,000 luxury car, she can look like the next go Dion, or the next JLo, depending on how much work she put into it. But because I have that eye, which is the vision. I seen that in her, she didn't see herself, now, I bought the true belief, and now she feels like she's the best too. At the end of the day, everybody can be the best, but if they don't believe in themselves, and they don't think they got it, then it doesn't mean nothing.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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