André Wallace: Birds Really Color the World for Us

City Council Member, Mount Vernon, New York and Owner, Creative Direction Construction & Design

Photo Credit: Shefik

André Wallace is a City Council Member at Mount Vernon, New York. He is also the owner of a construction company, Creative Direction Construction & Design.

Hi, I'm Andre Wallace, city councilman from Mount Vernon, New York. Also owner and operator of Creative Direction Construction and Design. What I wanna talk to you about is birds. I love birds. Birds clearly color the world for us, all different type of birds. Big birds, small birds, my favorite bird is, I would say the cardinal, and I really love the way they look and the way they sing, they're always happy. So it brings a good happiness to the world. I really enjoy seeing falcons, because they're so rare, you don't hardly see them, it's just a big, strong bird. Very, very interesting, keeps me engaged with falcons and stuff for some reason, it's just something about them. There are some other birds that I'm not so happy about. I can't figure out still today what a pigeon is about. I thought a pigeon just for soup, or else to deliver a message. I guess that's where the falcons come into play, too, 'cause I watched a falcon actually catch a pigeon. Was eating the pigeon on my fence one day, and I filmed the whole thing, I still have it on tape, real interesting. I didn't know whether to feel good for the falcon or bad for the pigeon, but that was just-- Nah, I rooted for the falcon, yeah, I remember. 'Cause I was tired of the pigeons crappin' on my car. When you come outside, and you just finished washin' your car, and you got it all ready to go. Worst thing you wanna see is you're parked there near a tree, and a bunch of pigeons crapped all over your car. Not a good sight. Hard to scrape off, too. Well, maybe we should get more falcons involved. Could add a bunch of falcons, that'll slow down the pigeons, but keep the cars clean too. Then maybe at the end of the day, we'll just have falcons and cardinals. Yeah, that'll work.

Last Updated: December 30, 2021

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