CR Capers: A Revolution of the Mind

Founder, Hip Hop Film Festival and Founder, Harlem Film House

Photo Credit: Shefik

CR Capers is the Founder and CEO of the award-winning Hip Hop Film Festival, named "Best of the Fests" for 2016. Her radio show and podcast, "Why You Mad Son?", has over three million listeners worldwide and boasts a legion of loyal fans.

What's good peoples? CR Capers, revolutionary, filmmaker, founder of the Hip Hop Film Festival and the Harlem Film House. When I think about revolution and what that means to me, I think back to when I first found my voice, right? So if you're used to growing up being silenced, particularly as a woman, there comes a time when you either have to be okay with shutting up or you have to figure out how to change your perception of yourself and the things around you so that you can be heard. I came up with this motto that I would say to myself, more like a mantra. And I would say you gotta have a revolution of the mind. Change your mind, you change your attitude. Whatever you're thinking about begins to manifest. So I began to vision myself or envision myself with a voice, and the more I envisioned myself with that voice the louder it became. It became so loud that I began to stand up for myself in small ways, then more average ways, and then in bigger ways, bigger ways that moreso than I could ever thought was possible. And the louder my voice became, the louder my dreams became, the louder my actions became. I had a true revolution of the mind. And then it grew beyond that. Says, well, okay, well how do you affect change around you now that you've changed yourself? How do you change what's going on? And I began to do broadcasting and radio and things of this nature, and I began to understand that if I could have a revolution of the mind the people around me could. And together we can change things that we were mad about, things that didn't bode well. We could address injustice. We could address justice or whatever it was. We could do it and all it took was to have a revolution of the mind.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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