No Time for It

"No Time for It" is a song recorded by the American singer Fantasia for her fifth studio album, The Definition Of... (2016). It was released on January 7, 2016, as the album's lead single. Brian Kennedy produced the track and co-wrote it along with Paris Jones and Lance Eric Shipp. With a synths, snares and organ backing, the mid-tempo song's lyrics center on blocking out drama and negativity in favor of professional and financial success. Fantasia described it as a continuation of the "rock soul" sound she introduced on her previous album, Side Effects of You (2013).

Critical response to "No Time for It" was mixed. Some critics praised its sound and composition; others criticized the single as too safe, its production as resembling album filler, and Fantasia's vocal as subdued and restrained compared with her live performances. The song peaked at number six on the United States Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart. To promote it, Fantasia released a lyric video on February 4, 2016 and included it on the set list for Fantasia & Anthony Hamilton: Live in Concert.

Although a music video was filmed for the song's original version, Fantasia cancelled its release when she was dissatisfied with the final product. "No Time for It" was chosen by her label as the album's first single, despite the singer pushing for "Sleeping with the One I Love". On March 24, Fantasia released an acoustic version of the song, in which she is accompanied by a guitar and xylophone, as a black-and-white music video. Critics praised the arrangement of the acoustic version and the simplicity of its video.

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