Shanna Marie Wallace

CEO, Mind Yard New York
Shanna Marie Wallace — Photo Credit: Shefik

Photo Credit: Shefik

Shanna Marie Wallace is a Spiritual Interfaith Minister, who inspires in her classes, workshops, and guest speaking appearances. She is the President of Love and Gratitude, where she works as an Essential Oils Lifestyle Coach, who specializes in Grief and Stress Reliefand as a Professional Cuddlist, who brings Partnered Mindfulness Meditation and Intuitive Healing Touch Therapy to corporations, hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, and assisted living facilities. Her passionate and purposeful work has been featured in Bronx Times, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, Tech Insider, Canal Plus with Antoine De Caunes, and more.

One of Shanna's greatest inspirations is her mother Corazon, and one of her deepest influences is her sister Maria, who concluded her physical journey in August of 2014. Maria's love affair with cancer was enriched with training exercises that redirected Shanna's focus and path into natural wellness and wellbeing. The experience underlined the urgency of participating in the quality of life now, it revealed the consequences of resistance, and detailed the fine line we play between pain and pleasure.

Shanna Marie believes in questioning beliefs and at the moment, she believes in these 3 principles:

  1. Everything is Energy. We are energy. Movement, moving our energy, is key to embodying balance, ease, and connection to all there is. When our bodies are active, thoughts our supportive, and emotions are empowered, the body, mind, and spirit flow as one.
  2. We are all Healers. God/Source/Creator/Spirit/Universe is in all of us. We are blessed with bodies that innately self-heal. When we nourish it with acceptance and gifts of the Earth, when we remove stagnant energy, when we let go, we allow healing to happen.
  3. Our natural state is that of Love and Joy. When we are still, when we are present to our being, when we take notice of our breath, we allow ourselves to remember and re-experience our unconditional wholeness. We allow ourselves to live with fulfillment and delight​.

Shana is the current CEO of Mind Yard New York, a licensing and design company that specializes in creating characters with advocacies. One of their brand's most popular properties is Your Faith Looks Familiar or YFLF (yuff-luff), featuring the New York Comic Con superstars – the YFLF Gang – superheroes who champion Oneness Beyond Belief and fight against the evil forces of prejudice and ignorance. Check out the YFLF Gang here and with their OHMies.

Born in the Philippines to an entrepreneur mother and engineer father, Shanna is the youngest of five children. She graduated from Hunter College with a B.A. in Theatre, and was featured in numerous productions, shows, and commercials for Time Warner, Verizon, Tristar and Montel Williams, Universal Pictures, Greenpeace Australia, TLC's "What Not to Wear", Wendy Williams' "Eye Candy", the New York Open Center's "Art of Dying", and more. Shanna is the proud mom of one human stepson and two canine kids.

"My practice is simple," says Shanna. "I focus on what feels good. To me. To you. We string those feel-good moments along and discover ways that you can create the same feeling for yourself and by yourself... in your body, in this lifetime, as it is. My guidance does not replace medical advise. What I do does not diagnose, treat, or cure disease. My service and perspective reveal the power of your own Being and in that, EASE is breathed into your human condition. When you love you more than I do. When you take care of yourself more than I do. Then our work is done. Until then, let me STONE, STROKE, and SPOIL you."

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Last Updated: March 22, 2022

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