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  • Mother Teresa

    Mother Teresa

    Saint Teresa of Calcutta


    Mother Teresa, known in the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, was an Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary. She received a number of honours, including the 1962 Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize and 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.

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  • Tenzin Gyatso

    Tenzin Gyatso

    14th Dalai Lama


    The 14th Dalai Lama (religious name: Tenzin Gyatso, shortened from Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso, born Lhamo Thondup) is the current Dalai Lama. Dalai Lamas are monks of the Gelug school, the newest school of Tibetan Buddhism.

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    Shanna Marie Wallace

    CEO, Mind Yard New York


    Shanna Marie Wallace is a Spiritual Interfaith Minister, who inspires in her classes, workshops, and guest speaking appearances. Her passionate and purposeful work has been featured in The Bronx Times, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo, and Tech Insider.

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  • There are 3 total persons in this view.