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Blush Depicts Risqué Honesty About Same Sex Love

Blush Depicts Risqué Honesty About Same Sex Love

On the heels of their empowerment puncher, "Cinderella", Blush — the latest group to sizzle off Mathew Knowles' Music World Entertainment's hotplate – has listeners sweating and working for it. Their debut album, "Old School Hip-Hop Past, Present, and Future" introduced us to Sunni, Bunni Ray, and vocalist Tali, while the late 2017 slated reality television series about the all-female trio's journey takes us deeper inside it.

Meanwhile, their single, "Work", although released at the start of the year, is about to pick up traction with the steamy video accompanying the song. With the LGBTQ community seeing stronger depictions of their lives via the media, even risqué honesty about same sex love is a welcomed relief. With an openly bi-sexual group member, the video's striptease sequences are not just an answer to the void in representation, they depict the work a woman puts into her commitments, including sexual ones.

Having covered the topic of self-esteem and female empowerment in "Cinderella", the group addressed subject matter sometimes ignored — the time, energy, and effort a relationship needs to equal that of one's career. A message with music at once familiar yet all shook up by the beat-heavy mixes the girls expertly sing/rap around. Since their appearance on "The Tom Joyner Show", the Houston based trio have increased their fan base exponentially with a summer 2016 tour covering half the nation, with radio and TV stops along the way.

Even with all the immediate comparisons to Destiny's Child, Blush has proven their staying power with back-to-back releases that have established their 90's old school/new school dynamic. It's a throwback sound that will throw your back out dancing. Their beauty, sex appeal, and smarts are only the trimmings to the real work the trio has put in to earn everyone's undivided attention by now.

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