Jason Stuart: When You Come From a Family That's Very Dysfunctional

Actor and Comedian

Photo Credit: Shefik

Jason Stuart has a major role in the historic bio film "The Birth of a Nation". He has worked with heavy hitters George Clooney, Faye Dunaway, Angelina Jolie, Damon Wayans, Drew Carey, George Lopez, David Spade, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jason Stuart, actor, comedian, and advocate and I wanna talk about forgiveness. Which is probably one of the biggest thing in my life that's actually helped me move forward in a really large way. And I think a lot of times when you come from a family that's very dysfunctional, my father was a king and didn't have a country basically and my mother was a very big star when I was a kid, but didn't have a film. So, I grew up with two people that had incredible egos and incredible need to be heard. My mom was 17 when she got married and my father was 22 and could barely speak English. He had come from the Holocaust and had come to this country in 1949 and started working at factory as a janitor and then wound up being a major real estate tycoon and was the Vice President of a neck tie manufacturing company. My mother, so young when she got married, wound up marrying a lot of people and was incredibly funny and incredibly sexy. So, I had gotten all this stuff from my parents when I turned 40, what I really started doing is I started thinking about them as people. They were just people that happened to have this kid. It wasn't always about me and everything they did wasn't always about me and I learned to forgive them and to love them and to realize their own limitations and know that I could take the best of them, I didn't have to take the worst. And it's really really been a great gift for me in my life.

Last Updated: August 15, 2022

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