Freddie Jackson: The Title of My First Album Is "Rock Me Tonight"

2-Time Grammy Award Nominee

Photo Credit: Shefik

Freddie Jackson is an American soul singer. Among his well-known hits are "Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)", "Have You Ever Loved Somebody", "Jam Tonight", "Do Me Again", and "You Are My Lady".

Hi this is Freddie Jackson, Grammy nominated artist. And I've sold a few platinum and double platinum albums and CDs in my life and time. Awards, a lot of those. The greatest reward I think meeting Mr. Paul Lawrence and the title of my first album is Rock Me Tonight. And it rocked the world. It really took the world by surprise. People were like who's he, where did he come from? And what is this song? These words came out of Luther Vandross' mouth. Who is this guy? You know I kind of like rattled his feathers you know. He came knocking at my door at a hotel and said you know I don't wanna come in, I just wanted to see who you were. Congratulations on your nomination. And I was like you're sure you don't wanna come in? He says no, break a leg. And a few other things at the same time. And we both laughed. And we had common comradery you know from that point on. But I miss him dearly. But Rock Me Tonight, that's a great sentiment from me actually. To be able to have that, to be able to say that because who can say that Luther Vandross was knocking at their door? I can. And it was the truth so that sentiment I know is one that I will carry for the rest of my life. Rock Me Tonight the song in general, Paul Lawrence wrote that song for Freddie Jackson to sing. And he said only you can sing this song. The way I know it should be sung. He sung it and Paul is an excellent singer. Paul is a good singer, alright Paul is alright. But I love him to death. But he's such an incredible producer. He's a hard producer, as a matter of fact I did the first line of Rock Me Tonight for about three hours and I looked at him and said maybe this song isn't for me. Because he's such a stickler with sound and how you're cutting off and ending and I would become so frustrated with him I'd be like how many times, how many ways you can say come on and rock me? No, one more. When I used to see that finger I wanted to take his finger and just bend it and say no I'm not doing it again. But at the end of the day Rock Me Tonight soared to the top of the charts. And the sentiment for me is that written in such a place of innocence, how it touched so many people's hearts and went into many bedroom. But it was clearly just saying I don't wanna long time relationship, I don't want anything other than we used to go together. We used to date each other, we used to be married, we're now divorced, but lord you look good. Can we just get together for old time's sake? Isn't that amazing? Because that's just how sentimental and loving, being in love can be that you'll say I respect you but just one more time for old time's sake and I'm sure there are a lot of people in the world that can relate to that. Now don't get comfortable, this is just for old time's sake. And you'll be amazed what could happen for old time's sake.

Last Updated: September 10, 2021

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