N.K. Morton: I Love Christmas

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N.K. Morton is a singer-songwriter. She wrote songs for Backstreet Boys, Mýa, and Karen Clark-Sheard, worked in television with Chris Rock, and was a featured lead or background vocalist for artists, ranging from Diana Ross to Rakim.

Hi, I'm N.K. Morton. Some of you may know me as Nneka Morton. I'm a singer, songwriter, actress, and model. I love Christmas, and not for the obvious reasons. Yes, I love a good gift, but I love Christmas because it is one day out of the year where you can see adults reduced to children. I mean, in my family, we gather at my house. We sit around and we don't open any gifts until everyone's there, and it's not until I open the festivities with, it's Christmas 2016 and we're all screaming and jumping around and we start opening the gifts, and it's nothing but smiles and laughs and jokes and people are like, oh, I love this. This is amazing. As they're opening the gifts, thank you, or you hear, what were you thinking? What is this? And we're cracking jokes on that person who bought it. You know, all of that is happening, and you just look around, all these people who are constantly in the zone of adulthood, you know, paying bills, worrying about their children, what do we have to do for work, and all those things. It's just, it's so far away from them, and they're really enjoying themselves. And I just love that. I just really get into the spirit of us being together and just letting go. And after we open all of our gifts, we then have a big dinner that is cooked by yours truly. I view this dinner as expression of love to my family. I really take my time getting all the ingredients and making certain that everything is perfect, because it's a big hug to my family, you know, to let them know how much I care about them. And so while we're sitting around eating dinner and laughing and joking, I'm taking it all in. I'm looking at all those smiles on the faces, and I'm paying attention to the little conversations off to the side and those laughs with their head thrown back, and I'm just in heaven. In the background, you can hear that Motown Christmas album where Michael Jackson is singing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, and sometimes, I play the Island Black Music Christmas album where I'm featured with Myron and we have a song called Hark the Herald Angels Sing. And it is just the happiest time for me. I can't think of anything else that I'd rather be doing than spending that wonderful day with my family, just happy, smiling, and grateful. I love Christmas.

Last Updated: September 26, 2021

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