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Ray of Light

Performed by Madonna

July 30, 2020 Vision

"Ray of Light" is a song by Madonna. It is the title track from her seventh studio album "Ray of Light" (1998). The song is based on Curtiss Maldoon's "Sepheryn" and is an electronic dance song with techno, trance, Eurodance, and disco influences.

Tags: Maverick Records · Electronic Dance · Techno-Pop · Techno · Trance · Eurodance · Disco · Freedom · Electric Guitar Riff · William Orbit


So Blessed

Performed by Mariah Carey

March 6, 2022 Blessings

"Emotions" is the second studio album by Mariah Carey. The album deviated from the formula of her 1990 self-titled debut album, as she had more creative control over the material she produced and recorded. The album features the track "So Blessed".

Tags: Pop · Walter Afanasieff · Joy · Freedom · Amazing · Sweetly · Treasure · Feelings · All I Need · My Everything


There are 2 total tracks in this view.