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Performed by John Legend

April 13, 2020 Strength

"Preach" is a song by singer-songwriter John Legend. Released as a single by John Legend Music and Sony Music Entertainment on February 15, 2019, it reached number twelve on the Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart.

Tags: History · Pain · Belief · Feel Sedated · Falling to My Knees · Not Helpless · Profound Song · Hurting My Chest · Hearing Voices · Sit and Pray


I Believe

Performed by Fantasia

March 5, 2017 Perseverance

"I Believe" is the debut single released by singer and "American Idol" season 3 winner Fantasia. The song significantly helped her rise to fame. It peaked at number one on Billboard Hot 100 and Canadian Singles Chart.

Tags: Strength · Belief · Encouragement · Inspirational · American Idol · Dreaming · Courage · Magic · This Moment · Finally


There are 2 total tracks in this view.