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720 — Photo by Shefik

Death Laurence Juber: Creative Death, in Order to Move Forward

Music Laurence Juber
Lead Guitarist, Paul McCartney & Wings (1978 - 1981)

Laurence Juber is often considered most famous for playing lead guitar in Paul McCartney & Wings from 1978 to 1981, with whom he won a Grammy. Juber has since had a distinguished career as a solo fingerstyle guitarist and studio musician.


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Mathew Knowles

Founder, President and CEO, Music World Entertainment
Mathew Knowles — Photo Credit: Shefik
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Mitch Weiss

Entertainment Manager and Co-Author, “The Business of Broadway”
Mitch Weiss — Photo Credit: Shefik
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M.C. El Bee

Recording Artist and Author, "A Gangsta'z Tale Hip-Hop in Da '70s: Invisible Legends of Hip-Hop"
M.C. El Bee — Photo Credit: Shefik


American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882 - 1945) sits at a desk in front of a series of microphones (two labelled NBC and two CBS) as he delivers a "Fireside Chat" radio broadcast, during the 1930s.

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