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Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2

"Another Brick in the Wall" is a three-part composition on Pink Floyd's 1979 rock opera The Wall, written by bassist Roger Waters. "Part 2", a protest song against rigid schooling, features a children's choir. At the suggestion of producer Bob Ezrin, Pink Floyd added elements of disco.

"Part 2" was released as a single, Pink Floyd's first in the UK since "Point Me at the Sky" (1968). It became their only number-one single in the UK, the United States, West Germany and many other countries, and sold over four million copies worldwide. It was nominated for a Grammy Award, and was number 384 on Rolling Stone's list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time". The American nu metal band Korn covered all three parts for the 2004 album Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. The first two parts of "Another Brick in the Wall" were also covered by the supergroup Class of '99 for the soundtrack of the 1998 film The Faculty; this cover version is notable for being one of Layne Staley's final studio appearances prior to his death in April 2002. In 2019 a remake by Diego Baldenweg with Nora Baldenweg & Lionel Baldenweg was used as the opening theme of the teenage sci-fi series The Unlisted (Netflix).

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