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Songs to Invoke Breathing

Episode 28
Songs to Invoke Breathing

Experience the Journey

Take a deep breath. Now, let it out. Embrace the cliché. Now, let it go.

Today is the day, and now is the moment, to make your big leap. So, breathe, and make it happen. Without breathing, no one can get very far. The simple motion of a diaphragm, as it pushes air in and out of your lungs, is nothing short of miraculous. Take a deep breath, and ponder the magic of your breathing. Now, exhale and carry forward.

As L. Frank Baum, author of "The Wizard of Oz", once said, "Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again."

Wisdom from the man who walked us down the yellow brick road, to a city made of jewels and full of self-empowerment, such words offer the breadth of deep truth: they breathe with meaning.

Whenever you are down, when the weight of too many things, too much sadness, and too much of the down side of life, are all piled atop you, all of it too much to bear, just stop and breathe. Focus on that breathing, and discover the possibility of a calming, blessed harmony.

There are no cure-alls for the rigors of life. However, many religions, spiritualities, and cultures have for centuries employed breathing as a technique of self-empowerment, as a tool to engage in the mind-expanding joy of self-reflection.

Breathing can be an avenue leading towards peace and understanding, a break from the swift movements of life. Breathing requires only the patience to engage, the rest is as simple as taking a breath.

Yet, sometimes, perhaps, you just cannot breathe. Sometimes the walls feel as if they are closing in, your world seems to spin out of control, and nothing you do appears to have the intended effect. You may be overwhelmed by things you feel you cannot control, and sometimes the world is just too heavy, and you may believe you cannot bear it.

There are no easy answers to house the tribulations of life, but wisdom is echoed within the trials of its walls. Remember to breathe the mindset of courage, with the heart of endurance, and you will some day see the proverbial Emerald City.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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