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Songs to Invoke Hanukkah

Episode 40
Songs to Invoke Hanukkah

Experience the Journey

Hundreds of years ago, a light was offered as a prayer of worship. Although the worshipers only expected the light to last a short while, and they were grateful for such, they found that the oil which fueled the light did not exhaust as expected. Rather, it lasted past the one night they believed it would — into the second, the third, and on, until the eighth day.

There is, of course, much more to the experience of Hanukkah, but among the many prayers and celebrations of the holiday, this conservation and hope should not be lost. For every temple and sacred place destroyed, ravaged, abandoned, or lost, there is still a light waiting to be given, to again burn bright, and guide the way to understanding and happiness.

Hanukkah is often referred to as The Festival of Lights, and indeed, it is the light which I call upon you to invoke within yourself and let shine. Dig deep for your own prayer of thankful hope, and share it with the world. Share it as though it is precious, and do not let it dim.

Hanukkah has many varied and different traditions, and some are powerful enough to be felt by all who need to be blessed. In particular, a joyful expression of the hope in the miracle of the oil. Foods which can be made with oil do not need to be unhealthy or wasteful in order to be delicious and celebratory.

Part of the mission of Hanukkah should remain connected to the hope that what is precious will last, conserved and not wasted, and that it will sustain. So, bake something sweet, and say a prayer. Light a menorah, or just offer eight candles of your own, but take care to use the flame of only one light to light all the others. Conserve. Do not waste!

And, finally, give to children something precious of yours, such as time, knowledge, and hope. It does not matter what you give, only that you give it, while conserving the hope of the gift, and passing the light to another, so that they may shine as well.

The journey continues right here and everywhere.



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